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In case you were wondering... YES! I've been REALLY BUSY LATELY! Let… - WHOA! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 24th, 2005|08:45 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

In case you were wondering...

YES! I've been REALLY BUSY LATELY! Let me break down my schedule as of sunday to this

Few days ago: Sunday, i missed the review session for the midterm. i was super stressed about that. My moods were off the charts, all over the place. it was overwhelming. I tried to make myself cry so i'd feel like i'm not keeping everything bottled up. didn't work. couldn't focus on anything. seriously. not even things or people i enjoy being around, let alone STUDY. study, my ass. i can't study! so...i hope that doesn't reflect on my midterm. Yesterday, i don't remember what happened yesterday. Same thing, i guess. moods all over the place. wanted to be alone and got just that. ended the night with a heated argument and semi-makeup right before collapsing on the bed. Yeah. can't keep this up. it's tiring. my mood swings are tiring. it's kinda overwhelming after awhile.

Today: Study...cramcramcram, get distracted, half-assed reading for midterm today at 4. I didn't get around to studying and i'm paying big bucks for it, with beauty sleep, wasted time, guilt, and lots of gray/white hairs. I'm stressing big time here! So I took the midterm, second-guessed myself a million or so times, and was again, one of the last people to turn it in. ugh! let's hope I do as well as I did last time. Ate dinner quickly so I can get started on my essay which is due tomorrow. It's only a rough draft but I have to get cracking. Then Jon reminds me that we have to do a reader response, in which I respond saying, "OH WHAT?!" I hate reader responses cuz well, you have to read. a lot. but i selectively flipped through whatever it is we had to read and wrote a decent amount so i think i'll be fine. It didn't take that long, thank goodness. so now i'm working on the rough draft. that'll take up all of tonight and maybe some of tomorrow morning before section.

Tomorrow: Class at 9:30-10:40. Come back, work on draft, get a quick lunch, work on draft, head to section and turn in draft and reader response at 3:30-4:40. get a quick dinner (yes i know, its way too early to eat. my eating habits are all bad now cuz of the messed up/random times when i eat) then i have rehearsal at 5 so i pretty much have to eat fast if i'm not going to be late and i can't be b/c i perform the beginning half of the play. go figure. that'll run until the start of class at 7:00-8:45pm. Then i'll get back, shower, maybe work on the next paper (i have 4 due next wednesday), then pass out on my bed.

Thursday: morning class at 10-11:10. then meet up with elisa at 11:30 for accountability and just talking in general until 4, when we have class. 4-5:45, class. then dinner. then head back to room, work on paper, shower, bed.

Friday: Morning class at 9:30-10:40. eat lunch. work all afternoon on other papers. then head to sj with fellowship people for annual senior banquet. Hopefully, i can bring along my laptop and backpack cuz this is my ride home. halfway anyway. Then i'm fremont-bound by night. maybe like...10ish or however late the dinner runs. Yep. That's my week for you.

Weekend: Eating, tving, movie-ing, sleeping, family time-ing, see people??? ...oh right. and essaying. =(...and maybe some studying. maybe. we'll see how loaded i am.

[User Picture]From: adidas_freakk41
2005-05-25 05:38 am (UTC)
We can chill any day except Mondays and Wednesdays since in two weeks, I'll be starting summer school.
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