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how scary [Feb. 10th, 2005|11:45 pm]
[mood |worriedworried]

redhotfire16: i dreamt of someone pulling me underwater and i drowned
redhotfire16: and i stopped breathing while sleeping so i woke up
redhotfire16: it was scary.
Blue Sai no6: that's called sleep apnea dear. its bad for you.
redhotfire16: apnea?
Blue Sai no6: yeop
Blue Sai no6: look it up online
redhotfire16: but this is only like..the first /second time its happened
redhotfire16: i was aware i stopped. .
redhotfire16: like..shortly
redhotfire16: cuz i woke up and gasped
redhotfire16: i thought it was cuz of my dream
redhotfire16: cuz i was drowning
Blue Sai no6: might not be.
redhotfire16: :-(
redhotfire16: hm
redhotfire16: ill keep that in mind

i hope i don't have sleep apnea. that'd be really bad. so i googled it and guess what i found?
People most likely to have or develop sleep apnea include those who snore loudly and also are overweight, or have high blood pressure, or have some physical abnormality in the nose, throat, or other parts of the upper airway.

maybe i have high blood pressure. cus i stress a lot. and easily. AH!!!!!!

okay. back to "work".
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2005|02:40 am]
maybe i should refrain from posting for awhile.


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Because I feel like it. [Jan. 10th, 2005|09:22 pm]
Yeah. I just felt like writing today b/c i had a good day. i had class all day. i meant to get up an hour earlier to get around to reading what i didn't read yet for writing class. of course, that didn't happen. so i got up when i usually do and ate breakfast, went online, found that i got 5 replies to my post for hw (which is AWESOME because the aim is to get as many people to respond to your post as possible. there are less than 30 people in the class and everyone has to reply to one colleague's post. i know. 5 isn't a lot, but it's a lot more than what most people got). My professor knows my name. that's awesome. i think. haha. i talked in class today! i know i know, thats just PHENOMENAL for someone like me. i don't talk in class because i don't have to. but now that it's part of my grade...altho not a big part of it, my entire group was silent so i felt obligated to speak. that's about as close to leadership as i've ever experienced. which is nice. i think i lead quite nicely. i ought to do this more, especially if i truly aspire to go into management someday. or...something else. i don't know yet. we'll see how things go. then, after 4:40 when all my classes were over i worked out with my roommate and a few friends. i'm sore. i worked on my abs, something i never do. luckily for me my stomach doesnt stick out so i never felt like i absolutely HAD to but since my roommie has what, the flattest of abs, i thought that maybe it was about time to start working out more. okayokay. not much has happened. i ate dinner, ran around in the rain to get to places i needed to go to and showered and attended a mandatory building meeting. more rain. now i'm here typing away some useless information no one will read about. this is kind of annoying cuz people always say that in their posts yet they have every hope of someone responding to it. AS IF ANYONE WILL READ IT, you know? hahaha. i guess i'm doing the same thing. but we're all like that aren't we? we criticize the very thing we stand for. oh well. what a mess mankind really is. but i'm sure you know that. we all know that. now i'll relax, maybe do my writing hw. i kinda want to zone out for a bit, not think of a thing. i think i need that time more than other people do. personally, i don't think there's anything wrong with living in my oyster...nvm. but really, there isn't.

my mom told me to write three things ive accomplished and three things i am thankful for so here they are as of today:

things i have accomplished:
1) i talked in class today.
2) i worked out today.
3) i did ab work
here's another: 4) i attended a hall meeting.

Things i am thankful for:
1) that i know Prof. Walsh's website so i can look at his powerpoint slides. my econ teacher now sucks. he's boring, he doesn't use slides, and he takes forever to get to lecture. and his lecture moves slowly. i dont know what he was talking about today. something about GDP....something something.
2) the upcoming 3day weekend.
3) my headphones. now i can listen to whatever i want without worrying about whether ayano would mind hearing it.

Random thoughts of the moment:

i miss my betta fishes. will someone buy me one?

dan's coming on the 20th. awesome, awesome, awesome. i love it when friends visit me.

i've done a lot of zoning out lately. it's nice. i still get my work done cuz now i'm more focused so it doesnt take me as long to get around to starting things. zoning out is nice. we all ought to do that more. zoning out, daydreaming, just not thinking of anything really. okay. that's all i got for now.

people are scared of reading long entries such as this one.

i have big feet.

i still don't care for ice cream all that much (cept GOOD ice cream, none of that soft serve stuff).

i'm one REALLY lucky girl.

i think i like my haircut now. i learn to liek my short hair, until it dries funny. then i curse it for being so unmanageable. see, with long hair, you can put it up. with short hair, you just grin and bear it. that or frown and scare everyone around you. i always seem to do the latter.

i hope someone gets married soon. because i want to go to a wedding. weddings are so pretty and...pretty. haha. can you blame me for wanting to surround myself with pretty things? and this time, i want to catch the bouquet. again. because everyone looks at you and claps and it's just...great. haha.

i'm out.
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2005|05:38 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

hey everyone.

so joyce, meishan, monica, and wendy came to visit me at ucsc. after we got a parking permit, we went back up to my room, i showed them around campus like the bookstore and places like that, sort of anyway. at least i remembered to show them the gym and track field where there's an awesome view of the city. we ate dinner so they can try dining hall food. then we met up with nathan and went to his house. we hung out there a bit then went downtown where the shops were closed (monica bought me chocolate! thanks a lot!) then back to campus then to safeway to buy MORE food to pig out (no kidding, we really are pigs. at least now my ucsc friends will know where i got this pigging out habit from). we watched tv in the lounge where we decided to spend the night. pizza, pudding, and milano cookies. yum. we watched some conan o'brian, snl, and adult swim. everything we did was pretty ordinary but my favorite parts was how we shared the umbrella this morning when it flipped the other way cuz of the wind and when we snuggled together to go to sleep (despite the discomfort and that meishan's head was under my butt haha). i woke up kinda sore but not too sore. anyhow. it was GOOD. i'm happy you all came. ^_^ it made my day. ESP when joyce consented to us having lunch first before they left. SOOoo yeah. i came back, got my research paper back from last quarter and did pretty well so iw as happy and my friends were all in the lounge waiting for me to come out of writing. i thought it was cute. we ate pizza and talked, the normal stuff. then they left! =*( yeah. oh well, next time. i hope they transfer here. hehehe. then i'll have more of the people i love here at santa cruz! wouldn't that be neat ;). okay well that's it for now. classes were boring, as usual. and here i am, updating you all on what exciting things happen here on campus. that said, not much really happens here. nothing worth updating anyway. =) but just for my girls, yeah...okay! ill stop rambling. i hope you guys had fun too cuz i had a blast!!!
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A Scary Experience [Dec. 22nd, 2004|11:03 pm]
[mood |scaredscared]

okay so today rita, wendy, and i survived a rather traumatic experience. after wendy and i finished some christmas shopping, rita picked us up so we could go to the movies. as we were leaving the mall parking lot, this guy crashed into an oncoming car going to opposite direction on the lane next to ours. his car was right next to ours...but diagonally. it was pretty close. he then backed up really fast and tried to go straight again, screeching tires kicking up dirt and everything. he sped up and crashed into ANOTHER CAR. so by now we're freaking out cuz we figured out that its not a "hit and run" but a "hit and hit and keep hitting and running". he finally crashes into a car on OUR LANE thats just 2 cars down in front of us and causes major damage, gets into our lane, and speeds up into the back of a truck in front of him. so he totals his car, causes major damage to 3 other cars, and by then, we told rita to get us out of there quick. she uturned and we left. we saw two boy witnesses who stood right outside watching everything take place. they then ran away. poor boys. they couldve been hurt really easy had they been just a bit closer. anyhow, we each dialed 911 (taking turns after many failed attempts) but then wendy said that 911 for cell phones are different from the 911 most of us know SOOO yeah. we decided to go back, and check to see if things were okay (from a distance). by then, the area was blocked off and the police and everyone (witnesses included) was there. so our conscience was cleared and we headed off to the movies.

we watched meet the fockers. pretty funny. then we went to in-n-out, went back to my place, played some card games, meishan and tyler came by and we headed to blockbuster to rent a movie. so we all pitch in and head to the counter only to be told that i cant rent one w/o a card but i said my parents had one but then they didnt list me so they had me call the house and my moms at home playing mj so obviously she ignores my message while im yelling into the answer machine for her to pick up. wendy said i sounded like a girl in trouble (like maybe i got arrested and was allowed that one very important phone call...but if that were the case...i don't want to think about it). after having no luck, tyler realizes that he has a blockbuster card. we all hit him for not having pulled it out sooner. then we went back to the house and watched it and after i gave them their christmas presents, off they went. yeah. it was a pretty interesting day. but yeah. now i'm scared of moving cars.

hopefully tomorrow will be more mellow.
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(no subject) [Dec. 20th, 2004|07:37 pm]
[mood |okayokay]

10 random things about me:

1. i don't like candy (except chocolate) or gum.
2. i've never gone skiing or snowboarding.
3. i don't have my license.
4. i like owls.
5. i have two cell phones at the moment.
6. i've been a fremonter my entire life.
7. i have a stinky pet turtle.
8. i haven't been up mission peak.
9. i have anthropophobia and decidophobia.
10. i don't have a single poster in my room.

9 places I’ve visited:

1. japan
2. hong kong
3. new york
4. ashland
5. las vegas
6. various provinces in canada
7. various states in the U.S.
8. hawaii
9. fremont!

8 things I wanna do before I die:

1. work internationally/travel
2. go to n.y. and boston in the winter
3. go on a cruise
4. go to a concert
5. get married and raise a family
6. have my own studio
7. become a professional animator
8. publish something.

7 ways for a person to win my heart:

1. humor
2. originality/creativity
3. love kids
4. listen/good conversation
5. responsible
6. trustworthy
7. fun

6 things I believe in:

1. God
2. forgiveness
3. family
4. love makes the world go round.
5. you create your own fate.
6. what goes around eventually comes around.

5 things I’m afraid of:

1. failure or dependency
2. heartbreak
3. public speaking
4. being in a room full of people i don't know
5. getting/feeling lost

4 of my favorite things in my bedroom:

1. dreamcatcher
2. decorated bulletin board
3. my mask (the black/white one with feathers and fur and...just a lot of stuff)
4. the 100 crane mobile tommy gave me for my birthday

3 things I do everyday:

1. check my e-mail (and lately, watching movies)
2. daydream
3. dishes -.-

2 things I’ve been thinking about constantly lately:

1. my body
2. =/ and some other things.

1 person I want to see right now:

1. you!
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(no subject) [Dec. 13th, 2004|03:51 am]
[mood |awakeawake]

Why can't I sleep?
Oh. Right. Because I'm missing you too much. =(

If you guys want to talk/hang out, call me. I've hardly gone online since I've been back Tuesday and by the time I do, most of you are fast asleep anyway. I guess I'm too much of a night person for most of you. for all my fellow insomniacs, it's good to know I'm not the only one staying up. ;)
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highlight of my day [Dec. 5th, 2004|11:42 pm]
[mood |chippercorny]

redhotfire16: math?
redhotfire16: give up:-P
redhotfire16: ..
fencer32: A 4X4
redhotfire16: >:o!!!!!
fencer32: :-P
redhotfire16: ive never solved those
redhotfire16: when i was a kid i'd peel off the stickers and put it where they belong.
redhotfire16: :-P
redhotfire16: i was smart eh?
redhotfire16: ;-)
redhotfire16: think outside the cube!!!
redhotfire16: HAHAHAHAHAHA
fencer32: -_-

so i c/p that to wendy and dan:

wendy said...
yooorockmyworld: LOOOOOL!!!!
yooorockmyworld: redhotfire16: :-P i was smart eh?;-) think outside the cube!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
yooorockmyworld: HAHHAAHHA
yooorockmyworld: think outside the box.... :-P
redhotfire16: oh admit it. you loved that :-P
yooorockmyworld: :D i did
yooorockmyworld: that had to be the best line i heard all day
yooorockmyworld: HAHA
yooorockmyworld: LJ post!
redhotfire16: YAY!!
redhotfire16: okay

then dan said...
dnHU416: actually what might be like better for the sake of the stickers is to break open the cube and reset it
dnHU416: :-)
redhotfire16: ...
redhotfire16: dan!!!
redhotfire16: you nerdy boy
redhotfire16: ahha
redhotfire16: :-Pyou were supposed to laugh
redhotfire16: wendy said i was corny -.-
dnHU416: lol
dnHU416: but that's what you do
dnHU416: you break it apart and piece it together
dnHU416: my brother did it secretly with my neice's rubrix cube
dnHU416: and she's like oooh shit!
dnHU416: how did you do that
dnHU416: lol
redhotfire16: WOWWW
dnHU416: well she didn't say shit but yeah
dnHU416: hahh
dnHU416: she's like =-O=-O=-O
redhotfire16: =-O!
redhotfire16: LOl
redhotfire16: this goes on lj

i hope thats a worthy lj post. it made my day. then again my day was spent studying and not doing anything. yeah. oh well.

random thought of the day:
redhotfire16: this is really random but yashar looks so clean cuz the bottom of his feet is like...CLEAN. hahaha. okay.back to aim/math -.-
twirl the duckie: ROFLY WHAT THE HECK?!

lol. don't judge me. he does have clean feet!
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(no subject) [Dec. 5th, 2004|09:19 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]

i truly underestimate my abilities. at times i feel so powerless, so helpless, like i can't handle even the simplest things. then something small will surprise me but i don't think much of it because well frankly, i just got lucky, right? people situations confuse me as well. i don't understand some people and usually, those people fascinate me and then i'll ponder a million reasons why they are the way the way they are while i can better make use of that time understanding myself and doing something productive. but who in their right mind does that in their spare time anyway? studying was a pain as well. i hardly got much done. tyler dropped by this morning for a surprise visit. good thing i dont look like crap in the morning. otherwise...well otherwise, nothing. i have no one to impress anyway. still, its nice to know you dont look bad when you wake up, you know, just in case someone pulls the fire alarm. so what if i'll have to wait in the cold watching everything i own burn down before me? at least i'll still look good. okay this is definitely a pointless entry. nevertheless, i feel good about writing it. and that's all that matters. =) okay. now i feel like studying math. till then, ciao everyone.
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2004|02:04 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

Today was a good day gone sour. Oh well. You can't have everything. =/ There's more to it but I don't care to elaborate. Let's just say...no, nevermind. People read into things too much. Then they make assumptions. The next thing you know, you wonder why you ever bothered to post. With that...I guess I have nothing more to say.
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